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As a new photographer, it has been a little difficult to learn the ropes. In addition to trying to find clients and sort out equipment issues, I have also had to learn how to color correct photos and print them without any problems. There are a lot of variables to deal with anytime you decide to print a photo or a document, which is why I put up my blog. I have included printing tricks that can help you to create beautiful pictures the first time around--without a lot of extra effort. I hope that you can enjoy this information, and apply it to your own photography business.

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A Guide To Buying The Right Picture Frame

Picture frames are used for both displaying pictures and safeguarding them against damage. The right picture frame can add both personalization and character to the photo or piece of art it is displaying. Picture frames are available in a wide range of materials with some of the more common choices being plastic, metal, or wood. When shopping for picture frames, there are a lot of things to consider to make sure you get the right frame for your needs.

Picture Frame Size

One of the biggest things to consider when shopping for picture frames is the size. Do you need a 3x5 or a 22x28 frame? Deciding on the right size is as simple as asking yourself what you are putting in the frame. For example, 3x5 is ideal for small pictures, 4x6 is ideal for medium sized pictures, and 22x28 is ideal for poster sized pictures.

Exploring Different Types of Photo Frames

After choosing the right size frame, the next decision is choosing the right type of frame. A few examples of different types of frames include shadowboxes, float frames, and digital frames.

Shadowbox Frames: A shadowbox frame is a very deep box that has a glass covering on the top. This type of frame is hung upright just like a traditional picture frame. It is very common for this type of frame to display more than one picture or a picture and a related object next to the picture as some sort of collage. This type of frame protrudes from the wall, so it is not ideal for all spaces. For example, a hallway without much walking space wouldn't be ideal for a frame that protrudes from the wall.

Float Frame: Just as the name suggests, a float frame is a frame that is designed to appear as if it is floating in the air. Like the shadowbox frame, this frame also protrudes from the wall and is not ideal for all spaces.

Digital Photo Frame: A digital photo frame is actually a screen that displays digital images instead of physical photos. It cycles through several images as if you are viewing a slideshow.

The last decision to make before you purchase your picture frame is whether you want the frame to be made out of metal, plastic, or wood. Metal frames are extremely durable, plastic frames are lightweight, and wood frames are available in just about every type of wood you could imagine. What type of material you end up purchasing is largely a matter of personal opinion. Contact a business that offers custom picture frames for more information.