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As a new photographer, it has been a little difficult to learn the ropes. In addition to trying to find clients and sort out equipment issues, I have also had to learn how to color correct photos and print them without any problems. There are a lot of variables to deal with anytime you decide to print a photo or a document, which is why I put up my blog. I have included printing tricks that can help you to create beautiful pictures the first time around--without a lot of extra effort. I hope that you can enjoy this information, and apply it to your own photography business.

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How To Share Your Vacation With People Who Stay Behind

If you have the opportunity to go on vacation, there is a good chance that you still will leave someone important to you behind. It might be family members, close friends, or even your house sitter that you want to experience some part of your trip with you. If this is the case, there are a few easy things you can do to show them that you missed them while you were away.

1. Bring back a gift

If you have the budget and can afford a few simple things, nothing says that you were thinking of someone while you were away more than bringing back (or sending before you go home!) a small token from your vacation. This can be as simple as a local treat (make sure that it doesn't violate customs, won't melt, and won't go bad before it can get to them), shells from the beach, a keychain or small piece of jewelry, or any other small item that can show where you went and that you wish they had been able to be with you while you were gone. 

2. Send a custom postcard

If you like to take pictures of your trips, consider going to a print shop and having a postcard of some pictures from the trip made that you can send home to your family members and friends. While any postcard is fun, a picture of you and your traveling companions in front of a castle, eating dinner at a fancy restaurant, or relaxing at the hotel's pool can share a piece of your vacation of both a snapshot of some of the fun you are having, but also you can write a nice note about your trip and anything you would like to tell them. Most postcards are not very expensive to make on paper by Total Reproductions Inc or a similar company, and it makes a great reminder of the trip for you and the people you send it to. 

3. Video chat from your location

With data plans and smart phones, you can almost have people on your vacation without them being there. If you're about to go on a ride at an amusement park, you can video chat the line and your surroundings (or even hold your phone on the ride if it's not against the rules and it's not too wild!), or you can video chat a tour of the hotel. It will make the distance between you and your loved ones feel much smaller than it actually is.

Whether you use these ideas or do something else, the people you leave behind will be thrilled to know that you are thinking of them and will have something to remind them of you until you get back or when you are gone on your next trip.