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As a new photographer, it has been a little difficult to learn the ropes. In addition to trying to find clients and sort out equipment issues, I have also had to learn how to color correct photos and print them without any problems. There are a lot of variables to deal with anytime you decide to print a photo or a document, which is why I put up my blog. I have included printing tricks that can help you to create beautiful pictures the first time around--without a lot of extra effort. I hope that you can enjoy this information, and apply it to your own photography business.

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Having Problems Building Up Your Photography Business? Try A Retirement Community

If you are a photographer and just starting your new business, it can take time to build it up. To gain more customers, you need to show your photography skills in a variety of places. One place that can work well is a retirement community. Below are some tips on how you can do this.


When you take photographs of the seniors at the retirement community, ask them if they will display the pictures in their home. If they do this, the family and friends that visit them will see them. If they like the photographs, they may come to you asking you to take pictures of them and their family members. This is a great way to build up your business, as if everyone is happy with your photographs, it creates a snowball effect. This means when one person is happy, they recommend you to someone else, then that person recommends you to someone else, and so on.

Take pictures in a variety of settings, such as inside their home, as well as a beautiful area on the retirement community property, such as a garden area that has a bench. To make pictures look their best, use a high gloss photo paper. This type of photo paper is shiny, and the colors are more rich and vibrant, which makes the photo more eye catching.


To further help your business, give each senior that you photograph a business card. You could also create flyers for your business. Put images of the pictures you have taken on the flyer.

Talk with the person in charge of the retirement community to see if you can leave your business cards and/or flyers in a certain area where people will see them. You could offer to take their picture for free if they let you do this.


Most companies today have a website, and the retirement community likely has one too. Talk with the owner to see if they sell advertising space on their website. This can be very beneficial if the retirement community is a large one or one that is widely popular. Some types of advertising space you could purchase includes:

  • Logo with a tag line: Your logo, along with a link to your website, is generally placed somewhere on the retirement community's home page.
  • Full page: If you want to spend more money, you could purchase a full page for your advertisement. This allows you to show a wide variety of photographs you have taken in the past, as well as information about your business.

Visit more than one retirement community in your area to offer your services to so you can reach even more people.